About Bobi Newler

Bobi Newler, creator and designer of by Bobi does not remember a time when she wasn’t designing or discovering new ways to make things more beautiful.
Born in Verona, NJ, Bobi attended Bradley University in Peoria, Ill. and graduated with a BA in English and Drama and then went on to Willam Paterson College where she got her masters in teaching. She then taught middle school in Oakland, NJ.

Along with teaching she pursued her passion for jewelry design. Experimenting and working with a number of materials such as precious and semiprecious stones, gold and silver, her creations ranged in design from costume to “bridge” to fine jewelry.

Finally it was clear to her that she wanted to follow a dream, to have her own business; one in which her creativity could take center stage. Her jewelry design business became a full time endeavor and for the next 18 years she spent her time building her business by marketing and selling thru the big wholesale shows in NYC, California, Chicago and Las Vegas. Her designs were even shown in Europe.

1999 was a decisive year for Bobi, she decided to scale back on her wholesale business and became involved in juried craft shows throughout the Northeast. This proved to be just the right move. for now she could spend more time at home designing and staying close to her clients.