This is an item I keep bringing back into my collection every few years. Each time I design it a little differently than the last. In some collections each piece was different, I compare it to my mother’s and grandmother’s chicken soup, each time a little different but delicious anyway!
This time I decided to make them adjustable so they will fit anyone’s neck or neckline, and an easy gift because you don’t have to worry about size.
Mother’s day is about love and strength, so to celebrate this qualities I decided to do only two tails.
One for strength, one for love.
Black tail is comprised of
 onyx which is for physical strength, a trait we all can use.
 Silver Leaf Jasper to keep negativity off of us……. great huh
Snowflake Obsidian which keeps us grounded.
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Pastel Tail
Rose Quartz which brings and keeps love in your life
Aventurine which makes you lucky in games of chance and brings money to you
Amethyst helps with your stress especially if the love and money didn’t do it for you……..
Hematite  works as an anti-inflammatory and blood purifier.
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