Crystal Heart/Garnet Mobile Spinner


“A Great Idea”  use the Crystal Mobile Spinners as a Christmas Tree Decoration!

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Our Crystal Spinners are made with leaded crystal pendants and fire polished crystals for color and sparkle.  I designed this spinner with a heart and Garnet fire polished crystals.  You can order it in Black Diamand, Topaz, Aquamarine or in Garnet as shown.  7 1/2″ long  3″ wide.

If you put it in a window or outside and the sun hits it you will get rainbows everywhere! The beauty of the crystals are that you can catch the light as they move around and add wonderful rainbows around the area when the sun hits them.

Quartz crystal is known as the master healer and will amplify positive energy and thought.  It absorbs, stores and regulates energy


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