The Pastel Tail


” Wear your hearts,stars, moons and 8mm balls around your neck, not on your sleeve!”


This is an item I keep bringing back into my collection every few years. Each time I design it a little differently than the last. In some collections each piece was different, I compare it to my mother’s and grandmother’s chicken soup, each time a little different but delicious anyway!

This time I decided to make them adjustable so they will fit anyone’s neck or neckline, and an easy gift because you don’t have to worry about size, also it will adjust easily to any length down to 30″ long.

The two most qualities I think are most important, love and strength, so to celebrate this qualities I decided to do  two tails.
One for strength, one for love.

The Pastel Tail is definitely for love.

I combined Rose Quartz for attracting and keeping love in your life with Aventurine and Amethyst.

Aventurine is wonderful for making you lucky at games of chance and attracting money to you…….”Not bad”

Amethyst keeps everything even because it alleviates stress.    “something you might need in case the love and the money doesn’t quite work out well for you……….



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