Blog 1: Why Women Wear Jewelry

Blog 1: Why Women Wear Jewelry


Women wear jewelry for various reasons, including personal expression, cultural significance, enhancing appearance, and as a form of social status or symbolism.

While all these reasons are valid, for me, I think wearing a great piece of jewelry gives other people a easy way to approach you, “what a beautiful piece you are wearing,” “ I love those earrings”, that necklace brings out your eyes”  and if you are receptive, a great conversation can take place.

I have also come to the conclusion that what you think other people see and remember about you isn’t at all true.

It's fascinating how Neuroscience has shown that people only recall about 10% of what they see!

Can you imagine that, 10%. 

So what do you want people to remember about you if you only get 10% of what they see to remember?

That’s why I love to wear my jewelry!  I believe wearing jewelry can be a way to divert attention from certain aspects that you don’t like about yourself and focus on the beauty of the piece you're wearing instead.

This way, what others remember about you is beautiful jewelry you wore that day rather than any imperfections you might be self conscious about. 

It is essential to keep in mind that what we communicate about ourselves can shape other’s perceptions, so I feel using jewelry as a great way to make a positive and memorable impression.

I like to think I distract their attention to what I am wearing whether it’s a necklace or earrings or even a branklet (adjustable bracelet or anklet), rather than what I look like at that moment.

I get them to focus in on something other than me, so they won’t remember how wrinkly my neck has gotten or that I’ve gain weight, or the bags under my eyes, or my white hair, hopefully all they will remember seeing about me is what a beautiful necklace or earrings or branklet  I was wearing that day.

Also remember this   IMPORTANT   If you tell someone how bad your neck is for example, that is what they will remember about you!  

P.S. You need to change up your jewelry and not wear the same pieces all the time. If there is a piece of jewelry you never take off, use the technique of layering different pieces to keep it fresh and exciting 

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