About Us

Bybobi doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t designing or discovering new ways to make things beautiful. 

By the year 2000, it was clear to bybobi she wanted to follow a dream-one in which her creativity could take center stage. Her jewelry design business became a full time endeavor and handmadebybobi became a familiar name on the craft show circuit throughout the northeast. Her jewelry was innovative and unusual. 

Bybobi is credited of patenting the “Where Did I put my Glasses” clip that holds your glasses either on your shirt, your pants, or purse to keep it safe and you always know where they are. 

Handmadebybobi is introducing a new member to the team, Ashley. 

Ashley has always enjoyed finding and wearing beautiful jewelry. Ashley met bybobi a couple of years ago and fell in love with her unique handmade designs. When the opportunity arose to begin helping bybobi through the craft show circuit, Ashley was excited to be a part of it. Now she is looking forward to building up handmadebybobi with an online store and social media presence.