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Handmade by bobi



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Transform your look with this versatile Adjustable Bracelet/Anklet.

                                                  THE  Pearl Arc  BRANKLET

Branklets are adjustable bracelets and anklets. By simply adjusting the ends to fit comfortably on your wrist or ankle,  you have a perfect fit for any size!

Our Pearl Arc Branklet gives you the beauty of the pearl which is formed inside of mollusks such as oysters and mussels. 

Pearls are believed to possess a calming and centering on emotions because pearls are associated with water elements.  Pearls are often associated with Feminine energy and are believed to have a nurturing and motherly energy.

We combined our pearl with a silver arc to make it stand out and we love silver, white and black!

With its adjustable design, this bracelet/anklet can fit a variety of wrist and ankle sizes making it a perfect gift your your self or a loved one.

All of our Branklets are made with a rubber cording (no latex) and expand to 11"



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