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Handmade by bobi

TURQUOISE ADJUSTABLE BRANKLET (adjustable bracelet/anklet)

TURQUOISE ADJUSTABLE BRANKLET (adjustable bracelet/anklet)

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Transform your look with this versatile Adjustable Bracelet/Anklet.

                                          THE Turquoise BRANKLET

Branklets are adjustable bracelets and anklets. By simply adjusting the ends to fit comfortably on your wrist or ankle,  you have a perfect fit for any size!

Our Turquoise Branklet uses this beautiful blue-green gemstone which has been used for thousands of years in jewelry items all over the world

Turquoise is said to have protective properties guarding against negative energy and helping to start new projects

With its adjustable design, this bracelet/anklet can fit a variety of wrist and ankle sizes making it a perfect gift your your self or a loved one.

All of our Branklets are made with a rubber cording (no latex) and expand to 11"


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